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Children's Parties

We are children at heart  and love creating a fun environment for your children to celebrate with their friends. What is their favorite movie, show or game? We can make it come to life. 

We will customize the food and decorations based on the party theme. Here are some general food ideas we often use as a starting point:


  • Shaped sandwiches

    • Ham or turkey and cheese​

    • Cheese

    • Nut butter and jam

    • Hummus and veggie

  • Croissant roll-ups​

    • BBQ chicken​

    • Ham and cheese

    • Pizza (pepperoni and cheese)

  • Fruit and cheese kabob​

  • Slider burgers

  • Potato wedges

  • Jumbo meatball

  • Veggie platter


  • Cake pops

  • Mini eclairs

  • Decorated cookies

  • Chocolate dipped pretzels

  • Candy kabob

Decorated cake

Do you want a decorated cake that compliments the food and party theme? We got ya!

Customization is key

We want this party to be as unique as your child.  We'll work with you to create your vision.

Tell us about your party idea!

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